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Herman Little

Composer / Consultant / Coach

Perseverance and Discipline typically are not words in the vocabulary for an artist or musician. But these became  fundamental staples to the very artistry of Herman Little. Born on the WestSide of Chicago, he developed at an early age the value of time, hard-work and education. This dedication and growth afforded him the opportunity to perform in the world-famous Carnegie Hall of New York with the New York Philharmonic and also even over the years alongside  various nationally known artists such as Isaac Hayes, Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Marcus Roberts, New Kids on the Block, and has been featured in concert with Barry Manilow and Robert Kelly. To add to the list, under his progressive production company Ethereal, he has produced projects featuring Beyonce, Eve, Ricardo and Grammy Award winner Jennifer Hudson.


He has traveled extensively with internationally known trumpeter and singer, Phil Driscoll as his personal assistant. While working with Mr Driscoll,Herman had the pleasure of conducting an international choir during a performance at Constantine's  Basilika in Frankfurt, Germany.


Herman Little is also known among his peers for his collaboration work with longtime friend Earl Powell (Eptone / Roksta Music)  in co-producing and arranging the track "Stand Up," on the debut Jennifer Hudson album that won a Grammy for Best R&B Album of the Year! 


But Herman is most known for his ability to develop leaders. As an innovator and a self-starter, in 2006 he launched ClearSound and later ROYAL RECORDS as a resource for primarily for musicians to discover their potential. Currently as the Executive Creative Coach for Nu Royal Group, he has expanded his reach to also assist in the development of small and mid-sized businesses across the country.  From his education as a student of life, financial and business management to his professional experiences as a musician and public speaker, he has developed a unique approach that currently provides strategic advice, counsel and implementation capabilities which lead to realized positive results and productive relationships within the professional business arena.


His proven process to inspire top performance has been vital in all professional arenas and  has translated into unparalleled service and personalized attention for his clients. Herman possesses an unmatched ability to stay ahead of the trends. This attention to emerging opportunities has led Herman to continually connect people’s unique needs and ideas with action.


 Various challenges over the years has fueled his motivation and intensified his drive to keep pushing ahead. From being by the side of his wife as she gave birth to their son prematurely under extreme circumstance, enduring the passing of his dear mother as she suffered from Cystic Fibrosis to even overcoming the pain of homelessness unveiled a new direction and perspective.  


The insight he has gained through his challenges to the musical tune called "LIFE" now easily translates into refreshingly candid lessons about building personal character and experiencing measurable returns in all aspects of life.



"Not everyone can perform on the largest stage or sing with the international symphony, however everyone has a Voice. With this voice you have the responsibility to encourage and inspire."


- Herman Little 



For over 10 years, Herman has been helping groups to transform their lives. One of Herman’s favorite ways of teaching individuals to find balance and fulfillment is speaking to groups of curious and engaged artists, business professionals, and entrepreneurs.


In his talks, Herman motivates men and women to take a honest look at their lives, get in touch with areas that are out of balance, and explore ways to become happier and more successful. He shares personal stories of his own transformation and provides tips and tools that the audience can use to achieve balance in their own lives.

Herman’s creative and unique style is casual, personal and engaging as he helps the audience tap into their unlimited potential, and make strides towards achieving their dreams.


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