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 “Where words fail, music speaks.”  - Hans Christian Andersen

During my college days, everytime I saw Karl walking around on campus, I could internally hear the pulsing rythmn and screeching lyrics of the famous tune from Queen...." We are the Champions. We are the Champions of the world." 


Every one of us has a soundtrack to our lives. When others are around us, are they inspired or are they depressed. Even after we are no longer in the presence of our peers, Does the very thought of us encourage others?


Composer to Coach Development Series is a unqiue training curriculum that challenges us to be aware of the soundtrack that each of us are composing daily. From our words and actions, we are sharing information, teaching others.... in a positive and sometime negative way.  


Register to learn more about composing a soundtrack for your life that is encourgaing not only to other for also motivation and fuel for yourself.

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