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Why a Bilateral Approach?

OK. Here are the million dollar questions . Is MUSIC a church? Is it outreach?   What is it exactly?    MUSIC combines the elements of service  and education, side by side with the sole purpose of developing productive families and business professionals within a community. 



Well, this is where the Bilateral Approach comes into play. The MUSIC concept is not just service, inspiration and equipping but it is also business, advancement and transforming. The Unique model is not either or but a synthesis of both working in harmony together.

In 2013, the entity of M.U.S.I.C. was formally incorporated.  But, after careful consideration, we decided to modify the structure slightly by forming a secondary organization called MUSIC LIFE CONNECTION. The additional organization will be in all extensive purposes defined as, the assembly, the community, the ecclesia.  M.U.S.I.C. , the original corporation will operate with comparable functions of a Community Development Corporation (also known as a CDC) which would host regular MUSIC events. Because grant money is more readily available to this kind of organization, we decided to set ours up as such. It will be through the CDC that we will strategically plan, host events along with most of our fundraising.


 MUSIC LIFE Connection will operate as the assembly/gathering. the primary faith based organization to partner with the CDC (M.U.S.I.C.) to offer ministry, and counseling. Our plan, is to present to the general public an opportunity to partner with us in efforts to solve current problems within a given community. Partners will include individuals, corporations, entrepreneurs, local education agencies, elected officials, government agencies and also other churches along with our designated non-profits, Porellos, Serv International and Royal House. While M.U.S.I.C.,  (the CDC) will provide the bulk of services, MUSIC LIFE Connection (the ministry/church) will provide the teaching, prayer, counseling, food and clothing.

(BTW: As a result of the recent contributions, M.U.S.I.C. will be making a presentation to our partner, Serv International that will provide 1,000 meals this holiday season. Thank You)



Why Two Organizations?



I will serve as the Lead pastor of MUSIC LIFE Connection (the ministry/church) and also temporarily, president and founder of M.U.S.I.C. (the CDC). The church and the CDC would have their own board of directors, respectively. Given that the CDC is a secular organization, we would have access to individuals, business professionals, executives and corporations that would not normally be available to churches. In this particular case, we will still be Herman & Shinelia, but our representation will be on behalf of M.U.S.I.C. (the CDC) .



James 2:18 "I will show you my faith by my works."




How Would We Manage Two Organizations?

Managing two organizations would be simply about remembering the

"hat" when conducting various activities.  Having the offices at

the church location is not only fiscally sound,but it will also serve as

a convenience because all central planning for the CDC

will take place at the church office.


Some people will not quite understand why it was necessary to start a

new organization, while  some may think that we are compromising. We don't see it that way.

Let's touch our communities with the message of hope.







Let's be honest. There are people that are reluctant to come on board simply because we are a ministry/ church.  It is understood for some, church can be associated with many negative images.  While at the same time, there are those that only feel comfortable when

they are within the walls of a church.      

Nevertheless, its time to rework the process  to realize dreams for all of us  in the community. For many, the difference between dreams and reality is looking at your ideas from a different perspective.                                        

Remember,  "The Biggest Part of Receiving a Blessing is  . . . Being Ready When it Comes!"


Consider stepping in rhytmn with us.  I know you hear the song of service;

The Song of Freedom and The Song of Hope in your heart beating in 4/4 Time.   


It's MUSIC Time.

M.U.S.I.C. In  4/4  Time


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