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SIGOUROUS is an UltraViolet and Atomizing anti microbial door that is going to change the world of protection against COVID-19 and other viruses.


From the first layer protection of facial recognition and thermographic temperature  scans, one can immediately  STOP symptomatic people from entering!


Walking into the door Sigouros disinfects with four (4) layers of protection…

  • A downdraft of Ozone

  • Focus on the UV light

  • Far UVC lighting that is not harmful to the skin or eyes

  • Atomizer EPA-approved atomized disinfectant


SITIS. (Smart Inferred Thermal Imaging System) is available as a handheld Inferred Camera which scans employees at home to detect their temp & notifies them and the office if they need to stay at home or can go to work. It uses facial recognition and body temp measurements just as seen here in the door.


If interested message me for the catalog of products available to keep you in check during this pandemic and moving forward..


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