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Dear Family & friends.


We are excited about the construction of the future MUSIC Life Creative Arts and Academic Center in Kenya, Africa that will further provide education and support to those who are seeking a quality education that stirs hope and imagination. CAAC will become a staple within the community to inspire change, to develop the gifts and talents of the community through the direct educational and development of its youth. It is also our desire for the CAAC to become a place of refuge for those who are affected by local challenges.  By exposing the direct dangers and assessing the social needs of the community, CAAC can then mold plans to promote the pursuit of dreams and healthy living for these communities through the creative arts.


One of the immediate challenges throughout Kenya, many African nations and also affecting many around the world is the horrific tradition of Female Genital Mutilation. The global issue of Female Genital Mutilation not only deprives many young girls of an education, but it also perpetuates the inferior images of women amongst male and females. For at-risk and survivors of FGM, the CAAC will be strategically positioned to provide an outlet for addressing emotional and/or problem behaviors through opportunities to learn new skills, develop new talents, and express thoughts and ideas in creative and therapeutic ways. Similarly, for those dealing with trauma or victimization, CAAC can help them to cope with painful experiences by fostering resiliency . The future CAAC can strengthen problem-solving skills, autonomy, sense of purpose, and social competence among the local community along with raising awareness concerning this cultural and harmful practice. Moreover, the instructors and educators at the CAAC will be available to help encourage positive emotions and strength, allowing the women, girls, young boys and men of the community to view themselves with the highest regard.


MUSIC Life Creative Arts and Academic Center will not only bring awareness towards the issue of Female Genital Mutilation but will also serve as a reminder to all of us in regards to our duty to end all forms of social injustices against humanity.  


Please consider sharing this message. Your support is needed.


Best regards,

Herman & Shinelia Little


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