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ATLANTA, GA,  APRIL 16, 2016 ——Kenya’s leading female artist, Mercy Myra has returned. Upon signing the “new” deal with the Atlanta-based label, Mercy Myra plans to collaborate with Grammy Award winning producer, Herman Little to create a “new” sound at her “new” home, Nu Royal Records. 


 "I'm thrilled to welcome Mercy to her new home here at Nu Royal. But I am even more excited to introduce the other side of Mercy that many have failed to witness. Mercy is an international icon with such powerful magnetism that transcends borders. This other side of Mercy is so gentle. The Nu Royal team is beyond excited to be working with such an amazing artist that can display such controlled strength through her music.”


Since 2001, Mercy Myra has released two commercial albums of her own but has featured on countless albums from artist across the world in support of great music.  From a crowd of 10,000 cheering for more after her performance in the Netherlands to a highly esteemed delegation of Kenya music professionals, recognizing her as among those that have changed the face of music in Kenya —Mercy has captured audiences all over the world.


Mercy’s eponymous album is slated for Fall 2016; however the label targets to release new music by mid-May. Says Little, “We are moving steadily ahead to release the music as soon as possible because we know that this new material is needed right now. The upcoming record will not only change lives and give hope to people worldwide; but you will party while listening to it.”


“Music is my life. And through these last few years, I’ve experienced various challenges. But through it all I have recognized that music and life are quite similar. Music and life alike is a balance of order, rhythm and harmony.” Says Mercy.


Mercy Myra’s debut  performance as a Nu Royal Records artist will be on Sunday May 15,2016 at Night of Dreams (CD Release party for label-mate, Jonie Stone).



About Nu Royal Records:  Nu Royal Records is a privately held company that focuses on being an overall positive resource for artist and musicians.The boutique independent label managed by parent company, Nu Royal Group is a diversified company that is highly engaged in artist development, while financing and producing audio recording content for the worldwide audience. Company revenue and entertainment opportunities are generated by its engagements in the areas of merchandising, record publishing, new media, and merchandising industries. 


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Label: Nu Royal Records

Artist: Mercy Myra Online   



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