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for the upcoming artist retreat

You may ask, why do creatives and artists need a retreat? Well, they need a safe space to express themselves and to be in their creative process with no interruptions. Most artists love to be in nature, and they also love alone time. They gather inspiration from their experiences and interactions with the outside world. But it is in the silence and quiet of their inner world where they are able to express their creativity.


  1. Taking the time to be present. Presence is the most important for an artist. Yes, it’s true that when they create they may draw from their experiences and memories, but in the present moment is where the most beautiful art is created. Making art is like meditation.

  2. Solitude. Creatives and artists need solitude to be able to take their work to a higher level. Silence gives artists time and space to breathe life into their art without any interruptions.

  3. Act of love. Whether you are an artist or not. We all need a little more TLC and self-love. An artist retreat could be the solution to all of our problems.

  4. Ignite your creative spark. There’s a thing called writer’s block; and just feeling ‘blocked’ in general. When you change your scenery or routine, you can see life from a different perspective. A retreat permits you to focus on nothing but you and your art, granting you the time to birth your creations.

  5. Connect with nature. Spending time in nature is proven to boost artistic ability, creativity, intuition, and productivity. Most artists infuse the beauty and inspiration they get from nature into their art. 

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Whether you are a musician, songwriter, producer, watercolor painter, a visual arts lover, or mixed media artist...being in a community with like-minded people is always a nurturing & beautiful experience.There are so many options if you want to get out of the studio and into the magic of nature. You may be offered a spot at a residency program, or better yet- go on a creative retreat where you get to learn new techniques and explore a new landscape.

Either way, you will find the Reconnect Voyage to be inspiring and help you dislodge creative blocks.

Let your creativity flow with the upcoming retreat, and as the French say, get out and create magic ‘en plein air.’

"As for being a woman, and especially and artist The Truth is:  unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize the situation is over, you can not move forward."  - JW