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  • Increase your own experience and confidence

  • Sharpen your business, ministry and personal skills

  • Create real progress in your business and your life

  • Add an instant and valuable support network

  • Get honest feedback, advice and brainstorming

  • Borrow the experience and skills of  other members

  • Accountability for fulfilling your plan and goals

  • Receive critical insights into yourself

  • Positive mental attitude w/ optimistic peer support 

  • A sense of shared endeavor

Exclusive Community





New learning

Extend your network

Creative Thinking


Creative Mastermind Group exists to provide leadership training through resources, coaching and collaborative learning opportunities made available to all that desires to sharpen and enhance leadership skills of motivation to experience improved performance.   The experience in this the Creative Mastermind Group is built around simple and practical systems and tools to help you take your next steps as a leader.


Knowing that every leader has his/her area of focus for their development, the coaching staff of Nu Royal Group has developed a unique curriculum designed for 3 different groups of leaders.The network of Nu Royal Group and Coach Herman during the Creative Mastermind sessions will take a look at best practices whether it is in business, ministry or as an artist.  Together, we’ll press into tough conversations to help you Creatively Redesign the future within your artistic, business or ministry endeavors.


You will have the unique opportunity to not only participate in an environment where you can experience coaching but also learn from your peers. The groups receive twelve days of coaching sessions over six months (9:00 am to 1:00 pm each day). Based on your choice of one of the  3  Creative Mastermind Groups, your targeted area of focus will include training on a variety of business or ministry strategy topics including staffing, leadership development, communications, or even covering the basics of music publishing if you choose the Artist Development Group. You’ll learn about tools, exercises and best practices that can be easily implemented after every session.


One of the primary benefits will be the opportunity to network with and learn from like-minded leaders. We set aside dedicated time in every gathering to talk through the pressing issues you are facing. You’ll have access to your coach — Herman, Shinelia, Jason or others — throughout the network gatherings. Additionally, you’ll receive several free resources, plus some other fun surprises along the way.



You will be expected to attend all coaching sessions, cover your own travel expenses as needed, and commit to readings and completing exercises between sessions.





Complete the Creative Mastermind application below and instructions to hold your space will be forwarded via email.  

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ONLY 12 Spots AVAILABLE for each Creative Mastermind Group





 Business strategy topics will include:


  • staffing

  • leadership development

  • communications

  • operations management

  • conflict resolution

  • manager vs leader

  • and more


 Ministry strategy topics will include:


  • staffing

  • leadership development

  • communications

  • financial stewardship

  • volunteer team development

  • weekend services

  • ministry structure

  • discipleship

  • and more

* * * Worship That Works * * *

Certification Program Available


Artist  topics will include:


  • music publishing

  • "You are the business"

  • presentation

  • music production

  • understanding roles

  • and more

 Targeted Mastermind Groups

                        To Choose From 




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