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The School of Fine and Performing Arts is composed of eight departments: Visual Arts & Design; Arts, Entertainment & Media Management; Dance; Dance Movement Therapy & Counseling; Photography; Little Conservatory of Music; and Theater.


The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is composed of multiple departments: Foreign Languages; Creative Writing; English; Humanities, Global History, and Social Sciences; and Science and Mathematics.


The School of Media Arts is composed of six departments: Audio Arts & Acoustics; Cinema Arts & Interactive Arts & Media; Marketing Communication; Radio; and Television.


The School of Community & Human Services

** Students in this area learn to understand and integrate the four foundations of the discipline:knowledge, skills, attitudes and values; and experience, application and practice. Many facultymentors in community and human services will have had extensive experience in the field in roles ranging from direct service to program evaluation and are available to guide students to meet personal and vocational goals.


The deeper connections and meaningful contributions from our students that are based around the central theme of positively serving humanity, will naturally create better businesses and advancements in a wide range of fields and industries around the world.

For the communities we work with education and livelihoods are key priorities. In order to deliver our education and livelihoods work we are committing the whole organization to a strategy with six key approaches. These approaches reflect the aims and aspirations of the communities we partner, and will guide all our programs. Working closely with both adults and children, we will ensure they have the skills and knowledge to make informed choices about their futures. Together, we will create opportunities that have been thought to be unfathomable through the gifts of creative arts and academics.


1. Laying the foundations for learning

2. Maximizing learning

3. Missing Link (the female student)

African girls face specific challenges that prevent them from going to school. Their education is often less valued and they are often forced to drop out or unable to attend at all. We will increase the number of girls who benefit from a quality education by changing attitudes, building self-esteem, giving girls more opportunities in  the decisions that affect their education, introducing teaching styles that are sensitive to girls’ needs, and giving girls positive rolemodels.   *** 20% of enrollment will support young girls that have been affected by the Female Genital Mutilation. ***


4. Preparing for continuous learning

5. Community & Human Services

6. Create Great Global Thinkers



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